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Hello pit bike fan,

As the registered owner of the pitbike.com domain name, I feel it’s time to get something going.

Because my days are stretched with other business opportunities, I do not have the time and resources to develop the full-on website the industry so desperately needs and deserves. The pit bike business appears to be at a critical juncture in its explosive growth, and the proper ‘mini-portal’ site at pitbike.com could help immensely to grow the sport (and your business).
So, my options at this time are:

• Sell:  Due to its ‘organic’ search-engine ranking potential,* it should be of no surprise to anyone that pitbike.com is valuable. I’m open to considering offers starting near $25,000** for its outright purchase.
• License:  I will consider entering into a long-term licensing agreement for the use of
pitbike.com; either with the right manufacturer, retailer, magazine, or webmaster.
Of course I understand that there are no guarantees that a new owner/licensee would develop a deep-content advertising and/or affiliate site that is envisioned (a ‘mini-portal’ that would help drive sales to companies like yours).

If you’re contemplating making an offer, please feel free to contact me. I’ve had a lot of interest, so act soon––because someone else could get the hole shot on you.

See you at the races. Thanks.

Best~Henry Caroselli
* even though it fluctuates quite a bit, on 11/4, <pitbike.com> was ranked in the Top-10 when using a ‘pit bike’ type-in on the three premium search engines. Google (#2), Yahoo! Search (#9), and MSN search (#2).
** a reasonable place to start, considering that the ‘street’ vernacular for the entire product category is pit bike--and, especially, because you could easily pay $5K/mo. for cost-per-click ads alone.


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